Librarians Love Helping Writers

It’s easy enough to jump on the Internet and do research, but sometimes that information is inaccurate, out of date, or just plain incomplete.  Or sometimes you to know more detail on the topic.  The library is a great resource (though it’s awfully tempting to get lots of books!).  From Blood at the Source, comes this tip:

If you’re a writer, say so. Librarians will help anyone, but they love helping writers.

This sounds like a cool idea!  I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I go on a research hunt for a stubborn subject.  My current difficult subject is the aurora borealis (I always have at least one in every book).  I can find photos of it on the Web, but no real current information–everything is ten years or more old.  In books, it seems to be only covered as part of the weather, with one or two pages.  Not the level of detail I need.  I’ve done better with the library’s online research database.  They subscribe to a myriad of different types of databases, and I was able to find articles that gave me the details I needed.

These are some photos of the aurora borealis.

One thought on “Librarians Love Helping Writers

  1. bigwords88

    And lets not forget the fact that librarians often have access to things which are not available to the public at large. Many is the time I have had a photocopy made of a book which is out of print and so rare as to make buying a copy completely out of the question. Many pre-1800 texts are too fragile (and way too expensive to buy) that having the ear of a kindly librarian is invaluable. Even my stupid questions are taken seriously.


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