Researching Agents

This is a look at what I’m doing when I research the agents in preparation to submitting to them:

Agent’s Website:  First stop is the site to see if anything raises any red flags.  If the site gives me warm fuzzies instead of cold fuzzies, I’m off to the submissions page to verify that they aren’t closed.  Then a check for the genre.

Off to the agent bios.  Most of the time it’s not helpful, but now and then I get a gem I can use in the query.  I found an agent today who had served in the military, so I personalized my query for that.

Predators and Editors:  A visit for any agents I’m not already familiar with.  On Book #2, which was the first book I submitted to agents, I submitted to a “not recommended” agent, who asked for chapters.  I was so excited.  Then I did the research.  Whoops.

Blogs:  If the agent has a blog, I dig into that.  One I just sent to had an entry a few months ago about what she was looking for.

Interviews:   Just type in “Interview with (Agent Name)”  for a Google search and see what turns up.

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