Too Many Big Words

When I was in college, we had to write an article on a speech for a magazine-writing class.  At the last minute, the speaker canceled out, so one of the students volunteers a relative he knew.  The man was a scientist, and the speech was on why no one should use aspirin.  The speaker so many big words that he was incomprehensible.  I couldn’t even pull material from the speaker for quotes because I was getting lost in the big words and couldn’t tell what was important and what wasn’t.  I ended up asking my uncle, who was  a doctor with a background in drugs, additional questions to help fill in the blanks.

I’ve been taking a business writing course this week, and this very topic came up.  A person who cannot bring himself down to a level to communicate with others actually has a poor vocabulary because he’s gotten stuck at this higher level of set words.  So it’s really important to keep the vocabulary muscles working.  I think I’m going to resubscribe to the Word of the Day!

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