Print Dictionary A Dinosaur?

Yesterday I bought a second Oxford Dictionary from the bookstore.  I bought the original one because I needed to replace my existing one (dictionaries are only good for two years), and I liked how the book is formatted.  The second dictionary is for work–a pocket-sized one in color.  I’ve found that I work better with a book form of a dictionary than an online one.  With that one, I’m proofreading, and I’m actually not near the computer.  For the former, switching from the manuscript to look at the online site actually interrupts my train of thought.  It’s very easy to get distracted by ads and other places to visit.

But Oxford is considering discontinuing their print edition.  I hope this is not going to come to pass!

2 thoughts on “Print Dictionary A Dinosaur?

  1. bigwords88

    It is hard (if not almost impossible) to imagine a time when print copies of dictionaries are made completely obsolete by their online counterparts, especially when the accuracy of certain online dictionaries is questionable. I have general dictionaries which I regularly consult, along with thesauruses and crossword solvers – as useful for cryptic clues embedded in stories as they are for their intended purpose. Whilst there are benefits to checking online resources for words (technical terms, especially, as they tend to shift in their usage quicker than standard English), I’ve never felt entirely comfortable leaving my print copies behind when embarking on any writing. Maybe I’m too stubborn to accept that they will be replaced in time, as it would be a tragedy for the language if such a thing were to happen.


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