Roundup of Omniscient Point of View Links

When I first decided to try omniscient point of view (OPOV), there really wasn’t much information available online.  What was available mainly said it was old-fashioned and not to use it, or used other discouraging wordage.  Since then, OPOV seems to be generating more interest.   Since we have Thanksgiving coming up, I’m going to take the week off and post some OPOV links:

Examining Omniscient POV:  Anna Staniszewski analyzes the use of OPOV in several books.  She mentions one of the reasons I choose it initially: To explore differing opinions of an argument.

Eye for a God’s Eye: Gwenda Bond’s thesis on OPOV.   Quite a bit of reading (55 pages), but a fascinating look at OPOV.  She explains how to tell if a book is in OPOV.

And Even More on POV: From Terry Odell via The Red Room.  This walks us through a passage in one of J.D. Robb’s novels, done in OPOV, to show the difference between OPOV and third.  This is the kind of thing that triggers head hopping accusations from writers.

What No One Ever Tells You About Point of View:  From Elizabeth Stark.  She uses the blind man and the elephant to describe the different POVs.

Ask the Editor: Do Publishers Have Rules About POV:  If you’ve ever had someone tell you publishers don’t accept OPOV, read what this editor says.


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