3 Organizational Tools For Revising

The first part of the How to Revise Your Novel workshop deals with simply going through a paper copy manuscript and identifying problems–no actual marking up on the words or sentences.   But the paper copy is a lot of pages and quite heavy, so breaking it up into smaller sections works pretty well.  I can do that and take a small part with me to work to do over lunch.  Of course, I could just jam it into a envelope and be done with it, but part of the fun of writing is playing around with all those stationery products.  Toys!  Here’s a list of a few things to explore:

  • Plastic envelopes.   These are very budget friendly because they only cost about a dollar.  They come in a wide variety of colors and are clear plastic so you can see what’s inside.  So you can buy different colors and associate it with a project or a task, or just pick a color because you like it.  I’ve found these at Staples and chain drugstores.
  • Patterned file folders.  Gone are the need for ugly plain folders with little color.  You can pick up packages of file folders in different patterns and colors.  They usually come in packs of five, so you can buy small quantities as the project requires.  I’ve seen them at Office Depot, Target, and even dollar stores.
  • Two pocket folders.  These are used for businesses a lot, but you can find a lot of more interesting ones, particularly around when the school year starts.  A very inexpensive option also, and practically available everywhere.  The only hard part would be finding ones that aren’t TV/movie ties!

Though I have one annoyance, since I’ve been making the rounds to both Staples and Office Depot.  Every time I make a purchase, the clerk asks me if I’m a member of their reward program, then tries to persuade me to join when I say I’m not.  Enough already!  The only rewards program I’ve seen that has any benefit to me having the card and using is the grocery store.  I do get some great sale prices.  For everyone else, you have to accumulate a lot of something before you see any benefit, so all I’m doing is giving them marketing information.