Got a New Desk!

Late last year (which sounds like a long time, but was December), I finally got rid of the monster computer desk and file cabinet that I had.  That desk had a useless hutch, a keyboard drawer, and a file drawer.  At the time I got them, I thought all that storage would be useful, but they all turned into dust collectors.  The computer migrated to the dining room table to for a while until I got the new desk.

It was a toss up between an Ikea standing desk and an Elfa from the Container Store.  The problem with the standing desk was that it had a hutch (more useless storage)  and no other storage.  I didn’t just want to replace the old desk with more of the same, but find something with better storage options for me.  The Elfa was entirely customized, so no hutch (yea!), but I added eight see-through baskets.  I can actually find stuff now because it’s no hidden in drawers!

The desktop is in zebra wood, which is a brown and black striped pattern.