Omniscient POV: Watership Down

I’ve been working my way through a list of “Must Reads,” and this last week, Watership Down, a children’s book by Richard Ellis,was the book I picked.  It’s about a group of rabbits who leave their warren to find a new home, and one of themes is leadership.  The Omniscient POV (OPOV) is common in children’s books, and it’s used here to great effect.

A more traditional third person would be a challenge for this type of story.  Though it does have a protagonist, Hazel, the story is about a journey of a group of rabbits who are together most of the time.  In traditional third person, you can only see what the viewpoint character sees, so some characters would naturally be out of sight.  The OPOV narrator always gave me a sense of the presence of all the characters.