Library Sale

When I go to the library, I sometimes do this, like in the picture.  Pull out a book and sit on the floor to look through it, or look at the bottom shelves.

This weekend we had our semi-annual library sale.  Still small compared to the past, but better than last year.  I always like to go to the sales and look for reference books.

What I found:

How Things Work:  A huge book with pictures describing how things, well, work, like a car engine.

Visual Encyclopedia: One page to a topic, which may include the names of all the parts of something or a timeline in the history.  Full color.

The Visual Dictionary:  This shows pictures of objects and the names of all their parts.  There’s a picture of a bulldozer, with all the parts named.  Not in color though (boo!).

A Writer’s Time: On time management for writers.  The only other one I’ve seen, oddly, didn’t talk about the title subject at all.

The Craft of Research:  Better than spending $18 for it at the bookstore.  It was a popular book to give away, though — I found at least four copies in different places.

Eats Shoots & Leaves:  Better than spending $12 for it at the bookstore.  It was also a popular book to give away — at least five copies were in different places.

Codes and Cipers: A book from the Smithsonian on spy things.  Since my next project involves spies, I thought this might come in handy.

One thing I did discover is that if I want to look for writing books, I need to look in both the Reference section and in Communication.  A lot of books were filed in both places, so if I hadn’t checked Communication, I wouldn’t have found a lot.