Recycling is not just for cans and newspapers

I’m making a lot of progress with my revision to Miasma–I wrote 1,218 words today, bringing me up to 18% done.  One-fifth of the book done is not far away!   This is a fairly major revision because I’m correcting all the problems that came with starting the story too late.  I ended up having 47 new scenes (out of 50) that I have to write from scratch.

So I’m recycling where I can.  Not like article writing where you take an idea and the research and write many different articles.  I have the finished version of the story, plus about 10K where I was starting it from scratch (didn’t start that in the right place either!).  Everywhere I can, I’m grabbing sentences and paragraphs from the older versions to reuse.  Scrivener for Windows makes it easy for me to do this.  I saved all my scenes from both older versions, so when I need something, I just click on the different files until I find it.  Then copy and paste.

In this case, I recycled one of the few scenes that survived all the changes–a prelude to action and monster hunting.  The setting changed and several main characters were eliminated, so some of the scene needed actual revision.  But reusing sentences and paragraphs was a big time saver!