Doing the Bunny Hop

I write non-linearly. I never thought much about it before, because the commonly accepted wisdom is that things should be in order.  But I’ve always hopped around from one project to another without much effort in making a transition (time management gurus are getting out the garlic and the stakes).  I find that it’s much easier for me to work on 2-3 scenes at one time.  Get stuck on one or just don’t feel motivated to deal with it — just hop over to the next one for a while.  Lose momentary interest with the scene — just hop over to the next for a while.

But it’s not like I’m just tossing in a cool scene that I suddenly got the idea for that may end up never being used.  Instead, all the scenes are connected together by the relationships of the story.  In this case, relationships mean how all the elements of the story work together to form the big picture of the story.  So I have two separate scenes I’m working on.  Scene 8 is the setup for an event that will trigger the problem that crops up in Scene 14.  As I make progress on these, I’ll probably pick one of the scenes in between and start working on it, too.  All the concurrent scenes usually come together for me at about the same time.

Word count today was 1,134.  I now have 20% of the novel completed.