Pick a Scene, Any Scene

I did 1,595 words yesterday, some of it recycled from the earlier version.  I also did a scene shuffle.  That is, I moved the location of a scene.  When I was doing the revision in One Note (no actual writing involved), I constantly moved the scenes around, trying to find the right place where the flow worked with the big picture.   Shuffling descriptions is so much easier than shuffling the entire scenes, and it saves so much time waiting until it’s more or less settled before revising.

Still, I’m finding places where the flow still isn’t quite right.  Not as major as the changes above.  For this scene shuffle, I had two scenes at the same location.  Looked at the scenes and realized the second one should go first.   In Word, this was a messy process.  I either had to save the scenes as individual files and then change the names and the page numbers or keep it in a bigger document and cut/paste it.  Scrivener is a better tool for me — all I have to do is select the scene, arrow it up, and done.

One of my big take aways from How to Revise Your Novel Workshop is to spend a lot of time working out the scene issues before doing actual writing.  I previously did all this shuffling in the actual writing, fixing problems that crept up, and I was constantly revising the same things over and over again.  It’s so much of a time saver to get everything in the right order first before revising!

Today is my day off from writing.  I may do a little, but I won’t try for any specific word counts.  Spring has finally taken hold either — just last week I was still seeing barren trees.  Everything now seems to have exploded with growth.  The tulips are spectacular, their cups all leaing towards the sunlight.

What I’m Reading:  The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck.  It won a Pulitzer in 1931.