Getting Insider Knowledge for Setting

A very timely post on insider knowledge when building a setting from Juliette Wade.  You know … she’s right.  I read a book set in Washington, DC, and it was very obvious the author had read a couple of tour books and nothing else.  It was missing some of the things the locals would see.  If the author had merely added something about the the traffic, that would have made a big difference.  Traffic here is so bad that we actually have an advice column for it!

Hmm.  I think there’s a book I need to revisit.

4 thoughts on “Getting Insider Knowledge for Setting

  1. I think I was listening to an author at the National Book Festival that said the advantage of writing about DC is that no one who lives here reads books about it, and those who don’t live here won’t know the difference. (Was that Grisham? Can’t remember now.)

    He said he rearranged a few streets just to get his story to work.
    It disturbed me knowing that fact, when I read the book.


  2. Thanks for the link, but that’s actually my crit partner Juliette Wade’s blog. 🙂 She’s awesome, so I don’t mind people thinking I wrote her stuff, but she might whack me with wet noodles or something for it LOL.


  3. Linda, I’m glad you liked the post. I’m a close friend of Janice Hardy’s and love her articles, but she didn’t write this one. Could you correct the name for me, please? Thanks again and thanks for sending your readers my way.


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