Treasure Hunting Magic

Many, many years ago, I discovered this bookstore that sold a surprising thing: Treasure hunting magazines.  There were probably about four different magazines, each done on really cheap paper.  Inside, it was about using a metal detector find find, well, treasure.  In this case, it was primarily things like old coins, Civil War buckles, minies (scroll to the bottom for article), and occasionally jewelry.   In those pages, it wasn’t about getting rich quick — you certainly weren’t going to get it from finding pennies.  No, it was about the hunt.  The treasure hunters even had an honor code of things they would do and things they would never do.

The magazines, as far as I can tell, are long gone now, but they reflected some of the things I like about the action adventure novel — things I’ve tried to put into my own book.  There’s a magic about not only the hunt to find something lost for ages, but also finding something that no one else can find.   Add to that danger and high stakes, and it’s an exciting story.

Any lost treasures you’ve dreamed of finding?