The Great Piece of Inspiration

And — oddly — it has nothing to do with being creative.  Because my subplots didn’t work for Miasma, I had to come up with two additional plots.  That better suits the nature of the story and what it needs.  But I’m still a little blank on the second plot, except it’s to develop my house of assassins, which I really need to do.  So I bring my netbook with me today to do some writing at lunch.

Have utterly no idea what I’m going to do.  But I have some 40 minutes, so I have to write something.  I start with this:

The problem, La Gras, thought, was what to do about Keymas. The last chief had been an idiot — he hadn’t been able to see that Keymas had tremendous power and influence. He was one of the few people who could call the Queen and she would make room on her calendar. If Keymas had any suspicious of what La Gras was doing, the Queen would know, too.

He turned to PLACEHOLDER.  “Want to solve a problem for me?”

PLACEHOLDER uncurled like a cat readying for the pounce. “What kind of problem?”

“It involves killing someone.”

From there, I jumped to another scene, set in a restaurant, and had the main character meet a character from the second plotline.  This other character has identified who he thinks committed an assassination 22 years ago, but needs more information on how magic works.  Then time’s up.

Then I have to scoot down to the car shop later that afternoon.  It’s 2 hours to fix a recall item, but the other problem (a part broke that never breaks) has to be special ordered.  I have nothing to do other than listen to the guy next to me speak Spanish or read car magazines, so out comes the laptop.  I started working on the same scene.  Have no idea where it’s going, but I think that I need a magic attack.  So I borrow a bit from a scene that was previously clipped out — a magic attack on the restaurant.  But now I’m looking at the actual magic attack and it really isn’t that long enough.  And then somehow, the characters end up on the beach outside with this magic assassin after them, and we’ve got the beginnings of a great action scene.

And it all started with not knowing what to write, but having a tool — a netbook — to write with.  Will have to work on finding a name for my PLACEHOLDER though.  Just doesn’t work without a name for a fight scene. 🙂