How I’ve Been Using Scrivener for Windows

I’ve been beta testing Scrivener for Windows, which should be released generally soon.  It’s been a great program for me because I was frustrated with Word.  Not for all the reasons people usually give — I made sure I knew how to use the tool so I could customize it so I didn’t have the same complaints.  The problem was I’m a holistic thinker and I tend to bounce around scenes in an order than makes sense to only me.  Word is made more sequential thinkers, so it became challenging.  I couldn’t work with one document because it was difficult bouncing around, and multiple documents caused me to lose track of things.  Scrivener meets in the middle and provides something that can work for either a holistic or sequential thinker.  Plus, I can color code, which helps me with making sure I have the right patterns in the story.  This is a screen shot of how I’ve been using it:

Yellow is the main story.  Purple and Green are separate threads of the main story.  Red is Plot #2.