How do you think eReaders are changing books?

The National Book Festival in Washington, DC, is coming up in just a few weeks.  They have an interesting video How will eReaders change the book as we know it?  The video uses interviews from a number of different authors, and thankfully avoids the “books are dead!” that turns up on other resources.  The technology and what’s happening in the industry is still evolving, perhaps with some exciting changes.

I think one thing that we may see changes on is book length.  Quite a few years back, we’d see books that were probably in the 50K range.  But I read somewhere that when the publishers had to raise costs, the books got longer to justify the extra cost.  Sometimes that hasn’t been a good thing — sometimes a story needs to be the length it is.

One of the other things I really like — and this is from the family history perspective — is that I actually have access to books from the 1900s through eBooks.  I can read town histories from places where my ancestors lived, like Stonington, Connecticut, or read a family history 100 years out of print.

What’s your take on how eReaders are changing the industry?