The Most Tedious Part of Research

I don’t always enjoy research, at least not the way people who dive into research do.  I’m never going to be in danger of putting it all in there because, instead, I have to make sure I do enough.  To me, it’s a tool of writing, like proofreading is.  But there are some things I like better than others, and some things I found downright tedious.  The most tedious thing for me is:


I’m a kinesthetic and visual spatial learner, which is a really weird combination.  My learning skills lean more toward hands-on.  It’s very difficult for me to stay involved when I just have to sit and listen to someone drone on, even if it’s a subject I want to be interested in.  I don’t always get good notes from a lecture, and if the speaker isn’t good to start with, I tend to get very little out of it.  It can help me to get notes and other reading material on the topic beforehand, but a lot of speakers won’t do this or wait until the last minute to prepare.

What’s the most tedious part of research for you?