5 Reasons to Watch NCIS

NCIS is one of those television shows that has kept me coming back again and again to watch it, even as it enters its 9th year.  That’s pretty big deal because the writing often starts to suffer after about 7 years.  Each show is like a novel, so that’s a whole lot of novels.  Writers often simply run out of steam.  Last night’s show was the best of the season so far, with a B story about Abby discovering she has a brother.  That’s one story I want to find out more about.

A few highlights on what I like about the show:

  1. It never takes itself that seriously.  There’s always light humor in the story, but it’s humor that comes out of the characterizations.  It’s not the dumb humor I find in sitcoms that make me cringe.
  2. It has action, but it’s not terribly violent action.  I don’t like gore, and this show keeps it pretty clean.  I’ve also heard from gun enthusiasts that this show is probably the closest on the way law enforcement uses their guns.
  3. I like the way the military are presented.  They make an effort to get it correctly, right down to details like how the women wear their hair.  I wanted to smack Hawaii Five-0 the other night because they had a woman military officer, and she was outdoors and no cover (hat)!
  4. The women characters are competent in what they do.  It seems like in a lot of shows and movies, the women are there basically to attract the guys, so they’re in skimpy clothes and have roles that just aren’t much of anything.  Here, we have women agents who take down bad guys and arrest them, and of course, women soldiers pop up periodically.  And they act like people doing their job.
  5. Finally, the stories are just plain good, and consistently so.  It doesn’t just feel like another cop show, even though there are certainly some elements.

The one thing I do laugh about is how they use Washington, DC.  I live in the area, so I know that they’re not shooting the show here.  I remember one episode where they described a computer company out in Annandale, and I kept thinking, “Have you guys been to Annandale?”

NCIS is a good show that remains fresh, even after so many years on the air.