Staging Area for Writing

Much is made of the writing area, and rituals to get ready.  People seem to be fascinated by this.

Mine is a desk (from The Container Store).  I have various piles nearby, like the one with the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus and The Writer’s Digest Character Naming Sourcebook.

Full size desktop computer.  Sorry, but I hate laptops.  Adams Family mousepad (no, that’s not Addams Family!  They’re all normal Adamses.  Well, mostly normal.  Sort of).

A steno notepad for quick notes.  Like that really annoying idea that took hold at 2AM last night.  Pens scattered here, there, and hither, but never where I can find them when I need it.

Time log.  Made this in PowerPoint to track how long I spend on a project.  For, hopefully, the tax man.

Can’t forget the Kleenex box, in case of allergies.  Always Kleenex.  I don’t have brand loyalty, except for Kimberly-Clark.  My great-great grandfather Havilah Babcock is one of the cofounders.

Neighboring trashcan, mostly for the Kleenex.


Knock a few things off the desk that annoy me, since I pile things.

Start typing.  Get up.  Wander around.  Come back.  Start typing again.

What’s your writing staging area look like?  Any rituals?  Tell, tell, tell!


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