My Writing Goals

I’m taking an online course from Bob Mayer and Jen Talty called Self-Publishing Options to explore and gain knowledge about whether indie publishing is right for me.   One of the things that we’ve had to do for the course is come up with our strategic goals.  When I worked with a cowriter, we both joked about being goal-less people.  I think some of that comes from being right-brained — there’s so many things to try that are fun that it’s hard to pin down one thing.

Anyway, here are the revised goals I came up with:

Overall strategic goal: I want a comfortable income coming in for my writing. I’d like to make enough money to live off of — I hear that a lot from writers — but I’m focusing on a more realistic goal.

To get to the above goal:

By the end of the year:

Finish Miasma.  I keep getting antsy to finish — it feels like it’s taking forever.  But, from the time I started the write-in after finshing Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel, it’s taken 8 months.

By the end of 2012:

Finish two more (shorter) books by the end of 2012.  That’s a very aggressive goal for me, considering my revisions have measured in years.  But I’ve tried to work very hard on learning the right things that will help cut that time down.  Plus, with indie publishing, I can hit 50-60K instead of battling up to 90K.  If I can do that goal, I’ll have not one but three books.

Get to 1,500 followers on Twitter.  I just popped over 300 now.  I’m not sure if 1,500 is too aggressive or not aggressive enough, so I might change that.


Attend 4 science fiction conventions.  I used to go as a fan of TV shows, but stopped because the fans got kind of nutty.  But now I would go as a writer.  There are five in my area during the year, including Marscon (Williamsburg), Mysticon (Roanoke, lllooonnngg drive), Ravencon (Richmond), Shore Leave (Maryland), and  Balticon (guess where that is).

Take 2 writing/promotion classes a year.  It’s always important to keep learning new things.  I have a friend who has been acting for more than fifty years (semi-retired now), who was still taking acting classes.  I’m already ahead on that goal for this year, with 4 classes:

This one is largely based on availability of useful courses within a reasonable price.  I’m considering taking one coming available early next year, but I’m also wary of taking any that just promotes “You must outline” and doesn’t provide something for me.

Do you have any goals?  What are they?

I hope you’ll also drop in on my article “Organizing a Novel When You’re Right-Brained,” in Vision: A Resource for Writers.  I made a lot of discoveries about my organizational processes that turned out to be quite important.