The Best #BookMarketing Tool

As the publishing industry changes, we hear a lot about social media being used to market the writer and his/her book.  But it’s not the primary book marketing tool.  There’s one that’s even more important:

The book itself.

Readers have every right to expect a well-written book, no matter what they pay for it.  Even when it’s free, they’re still choosing to invest time in it.  A good book is going to make the reader want to read another book by the same writer.

AA good book also delivers on the promises it makes.  I’m an action reader, so I always look for books in different genres that might have action,   One of my personal pet peeves is an author who states that his book is an action thriller, but when I read the description of the story, it’s obvious it isn’t.  When I look at the opening pages, it’s obvious it isn’t.

What are your expectations of what a book is supposed to have before you will read it?