#Reading Gifts for the Woman Who Wants #ActionAdventure

Sometimes it’s tough finding books that have a heroine part of the adventures — it’s even tough finding ones with men!  Action-adventure isn’t about having a major battle scene at the end of the story–it’s a major component of the story.  That being said, here are three books that women or girls looking for adventures will enjoy as a Christmas gift:

Green Rider, by Kristen Britain.  This was such a good book that it was an instant reread for me.  The heroine of the story accepts the duty of delivering a message for her country and ends up on her own with bad guys in pursuit. The author has three more books in the series, with the most recent one, Blackveil, just out.  What drew me to this one: The cover.  Girl on a horse, clearly running from danger.

Lady Knight series, by Tamora Pierce.  The main character wants to become the first female knight.  The series takes us through the different stages of the character going through training, all with action.  The third book in the series, Squire, is my favorite.  But I hate the new covers–they don’t convey a different image of the books than what they actually are.

Open Minds, by Susan Kaye Quinn.  Spotted this one through a cover contest.  The cover was a draw, but the title, not so much.   In a society where everyone communicates telepathically, the main character finds out that she has a talent for jacking minds — and uncovers a government conspiracy.  The book starts rough — too much repetition, but gets much better after all the setup.  This is the first book in a series.

Any titles you can recommend?

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