Temples and Worship in #Hawaii

One of the most fascinating things I discovered in researching Hawaii as a basis for my fictional country in Miasma is that there was a unique culture that developed there.  The Hawaiians loved being out of doors–no surprise, considering how beautiful the islands are.   The Hawaiians believed that gods were in everything around them, and their worship was conducted in open air temples.  There were two types:

Simple: This temple consisted of an altar, consecrated images, and a raised platform.  The “consecrated images” are the tubular images Hawaii is famous for.  There’s some great photos of them on Travelographer.

Complex: This type of temple includes all of the above, plus a refuse area, burial grounds, and oracle towers.   The tower might be 20 feet high and covered with kapa, which is a type of cloth made in Hawaii.  Since these were more elaborate, they were often built at the direction of a powerful chief who could recruit the people to do it.

After reading up on the culture, I could easily imagine the Hawaiians setting up a temple near a waterfall like my picture to worship the god that made it.  Or certainly, in my case, the people of my fictional country!

What imaginary travels have you found in your research?

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