Remembering Jonny Quest

Music can be a powerful memory.  Hearing the theme from Jonny Quest brings back of exciting adventures to exotic places.  I always watched the credits to try to match them up to episodes I’d seen and make sure I’d hadn’t missed any.  Unfortunately, not all the footage was part of an episode.  Not fair!

It was rerun for a while but eventually went off the air, for quite a few years.  But there were two episodes that were my favorite that I remember:

1.  The spider in the spaceship.  A spaceship lands, and this creepy spider comes out.  The military tries to blow it up with artillery, and nothing works!  Really creepy when the guy gets hit with the suction tentacle.

2.  The invisible monster.  A scientist accidentally creates a monster that feeds on energy.  The only way anyone can see it is by its path of destruction.

Thankfully, it’s available on DVD so I can enjoy all the episodes all over again.  One of the things I was really impressed with was that despite the age of the show, it still holds up well after (pauses to subtract dates) — 48 years!  Holy cow!  Has it really been that long?  But good writing always stands out, and it’s obvious that the writers there were trying to turn out something good.  I was also amazed at the quality of the animations.  No computers, and yet, the animators took the time to draw everything realistically, right down to the  shadows to give the scenes depth.  Even the characters had creases in their clothes from sitting or moving around.

The show’s so popular that it was remade recently.  What did you think of the remake?  Like the other reboots, I thought the producers didn’t really understand what made the show successful.  I mean, while I would have liked to see girls represented, it felt like girls were simply shoehorned into the show.  I could imagine the network telling the producers, “Have a girl character.  We need girls to watch.”  So instead, she felt like the token girl, getting in the way of the adventures.

What are your favorite episodes?  Any favorite monsters or bad guys?