What Did You Want to Explore?

My family would make a regular trip to Morro Bay, which is in Central California.  We would visit all the beaches, including one in Montana De Oro.  It’s a beach framed by rocky hills, and the sea is pretty rough because of all the rocks just offshore.  There was this cave out in the water — Gary Robertshaw has a great photo of what turned out to be three caves.  I could only see the one from the beach.

Every time we went out there, I looked at that cave.  I wanted to explore it.  What would I find?  Bats? Buried Treasure?  Oooh — a mermaid!  Of course, it was too dangerous to get to it because of the sea crashing around it, but it was fun thinking about the possibilities.

What did you want to explore?

6 thoughts on “What Did You Want to Explore?

  1. I went scuba diving once, and I probably won’t go again. don’t get me wrong! I loved it! But I have a fear of being under water too long. It freaks me out, and I panic and feel like I can’t breathe (which you can’t unless you’ve got the gear, of course). Then I really can’t breathe. I need to be able to pop back up at any time.

    I’m glad I did it though because it was an incredible, beautiful experience.

    What do I want to explore? I’d love to explore the ancient ruins of Greece. Or the pyramids in Egypt. History. Beauty. Other countries.

    But it won’t happen unless we win the lottery and I can get a girlfriend or sister or sister-in-law to go with me. My husband has no interest. LOL


    1. I’m jealous! I’d like to go scuba diving, but my sinuses have other ideas. The closest I got was snorkeling from a raft in Hawaii and taking photos.

      Do try to make the Egypt or Greece trip. My grandparents always said they wanted to see New Zealand, but by the time they retired, they were too old for traveling, so they ended up never going.


  2. You had me a “oooh…mermaids!”

    My favorite place to explore is my imagination. And, hope to start to be more spontaneous with where it takes me. Physically move, that is.

    I put no boundaries on the when, where and why of my imagination tours-du-jour.


  3. I want to explore so many places … and yet, I don’t. LOL .. I’d love go see Australia, Ireland, Scotland, England, the Grand Canyon … the list goes on and on and yes, scuba diving is on that list. Yet I’m also content at home with the world shut out and the phones turned off.


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