Why a Blue M&M and Other Color Adventures

Seeing this reminded me of how much color influences us.  I sometimes watch the design shows on HGTV, and there’s always a couple who are afraid of color.  Everything is white or beige, or have trouble going outside earth tones (read: brown).

Then there’s me.  I love color.  I can’t go inside a store without being drawn to certain colors.  When I was in the army, I was walking around the barracks in this really colorful print.  Since everyone always knows who I am, I was quite surprised when one of the officers stopped me and demanded to know who I was.  Guess I was in a color camouflage!

Turquoise is my favorite color.  What’s your favorite color?  Do you have any color stories?

One thought on “Why a Blue M&M and Other Color Adventures

  1. I love this!! 🙂 My two favorites are red and purple. They are the colors I wear most often, and we have a lot of red around our house. 🙂
    I watch HGTV a lot, and I love the tips to add pops of color around the house. We have light brown (a latte color) on our walls, but only because I like to change colors very often. So, our furniture and walls are neutral, and I switch out the wall hangings, pillows, curtains, blankets, tablecloth every few months. Reds, teals, and greens seem to be the most common colors we use around the house, though. 🙂


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