Golf, Cooking, and Inconvenient Excuses

No, I wouldn’t dare do anything dangerous like golfing.  Golf clubs + golf ball + me = not a good thing.  I’d probably take out a power transformer and blackout half the planet.  But this week, I’ve had golfer’s elbow.  I got it with a pretty ordinary movement, twisting my arm inward.  I was absolutely astounded that such a simple thing could cause such excruciating pain!  When I first hurt it, any movement made me jump or double up.  Like unlocking my door, putting my jacket on, and the worst of all — having to reach out of my car to get a ticket from the parking machine.

Then there’s cooking.  I’ll admit it.  I don’t get warm fuzzy feelings about cooking.  I have to do it, but I don’t like it, so my time spent is as minimal as possible.  Having Golfer’s Elbow presented the problem that even the basic cooking skills were a little hard to do.  It’s not hard to imagine a trip to the emergency room because I was cutting a bell pepper or something, twisted my arm, and well …

Ahem.  There is a disadvantage to being a writer.

So I’ve headed for the TV dinners.  Had spinach pizza.  Hmm. Liking this.  Thinking it might be worth cutting back on the cooking part a couple times a week.

‘Fess up!  Have you ever had something you didn’t really like to do and found a convenient — or inconvenient — excuse not to do it?

7 thoughts on “Golf, Cooking, and Inconvenient Excuses

  1. The thing I dislike more than the cooking is the planning of it and then there’s the supermarket shopping and dragging it all out of the car and unpacking and trying to get it all in the fridge. 🙂


    1. Oh, I hate the planning, too! It’s worse for solo cooks — all the recipes are for families, and most of the cooking advice is simply, “Just have leftovers.” It’s a lot of work making recipes like that, and it doesn’t work too well to cut down them in half.


      1. Oh that must be hard – at least when there’s other people involved I feel obliged to do it, I suspect if I was on my own it would be toast and vegemite a lot!


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