9 things about me

This was inspired by a post by David Stoddard. This is a list of things that people may not know about me.

Army Stuff

  • Was least likely to pass basic training in the army and graduated anyway
  • Was Soldier of the Cycle in Advanced Individual Training (I think they’re still trying to figure out how that happened)
  • Served in the Army Reserve, National Guard, and the Army


  • Was involved in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fandom for many years
  • Edited a fanzine called The Seaview Sextant
  • Managed an official website for actor David Hedison

Reading and Writing

  • Loves action-adventure novels of any kind, but not violence
  • Started writing when I was eight because my best friend Rebekah was writing a school play and I wanted to write like her.
  • As a teenager, wrote a Nancy-Drew type mystery series of short stories with a character named Sharon McCall who looked a lot like Peggy Lipton, only with much longer hair.

What about you?  Add your own lists about yourself in the comments!

3 thoughts on “9 things about me

  1. I’m really impressed Linda. Thanks for your service. Since you asked. Born in Farmerville, Louisiana. Football and track, eagle scout. One year of college football then dropped out, joined teh Navy and one tour of Viet Nam on the USS Saratoga, then three years in the Seabees. Graduated from NLU and was an officer in the Guard. Took a job in Saudi Arabia with Aramco. Spent 16 years. Wrote two books, “I Called Him Grand Dad” and “Desert Burning”. Have a weekly column in the Farmerville Gazette. Project Manager for a local phone company.


      1. Linda its like a dream for me. When the editor approached me about doing a column I asked him what he wanted me to write about. He said anything I wanted to. I write about world politics, history of our town, Louisiana Politics, interesting people I met, exploring in the desert and all kinds of boring stuff. Thanks for asking. Most of the articles end up on my site.


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