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Mashup: Writing Injuries, Saving Manuscripts, and Star Trek

This week, I’ve been dealing with Golfer’s Elbow, so Elena Aitkins’ post on Writer’s Wrist and Other Afflictions hit home.  By the way, no, I wasn’t golfing.  That would be scary.  Me and a golf club.  No.  I’ve had to put off writing, but after a little over a week, it’s much better.

From John Gilstrap on saving the hand-written edits of a manuscript.  Do you save yours?  John’s a fellow member of American Independent Writers and critted my synopsis at one point.

And for a little nostalgia going into the weekend, a very cool mash up of The Love Boat theme with Star Trek.  If anyone is a SF fan, it’s worth a look just for the guest cast.


  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Love the vid. LOL! 🙂


    • Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Trish Loye Elliott

    That is an Awesome video! Love it! Great post!


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