Mashup: Competence, Female Protagonists, and Buffy & Jamie

This week’s links I wanted to share are about women protagonists.  Despite all the books available with women as protagonist, I still have trouble finding good books with a character who is at least smart.  As we can see below, I’m not alone.

Marie Brennan’s post on Competence is Hot.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who has problems with urban fantasies.  What the heck does wearing a cropped top to show off tattoos have to do with hunting vampires?

From Strangest Chemistry, the Strongest Female Protagonist in YA?  It’s always hard finding good female characters that aren’t dumb, and this is a great list of books to check out.

And for a bit of end of week fun, a mashup that takes the Buffy the Vampire Slayer intro and applies them to an earlier heroine show, The Bionic Woman.  The Bionic Woman recently came out on DVD, so I had an opportunity to watch it again.  Surprising, it holds up well though the show is more than 30 years old.

If the weather’s good this weekend, I’m thinking of revisiting the Manassass Battlefield, on site research for my new contemporary fantasy — which I am considering having no men in the book.  What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

5 thoughts on “Mashup: Competence, Female Protagonists, and Buffy & Jamie

  1. Great post Linda. I particularly liked the Marie Brennan link which in turn took me much further into this particular conversation. I know it was the awful cover art which turned me away from reading fantasy late in the 90’s. I simply didn’t want whatever was being depicted sitting on my bedside table. I can only hope that this will change but I fear that with digital editions, where cover art can be ignored once the book is purchased, it might actuality get worse.
    As for the weekend ahead – tidying up.


    1. Women are still not treated with respect in the industry — I think this is probably one of the reasons. During Star Trek Next Gen’s run, Deanna Troi was in a skintight, low-cut costume. In the last few years, they changed it to a standard uniform, and the actress commented on how different the perception of the character instantly became.


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