Sightseeing Tour: Melting Clocks Meet Catzilla

Along any road trip, there are always a few places to stop and check out the sights.  These are a few of the links of I’ve found that are worth a quick tour.

Photos of San Francisco:  Emily Clack has some gorgeous photos of her visit to the bay city.  My favorite is the one of the mussels.  Those were a common sight when I visited the California beaches.

If you Give a Writer a Brownie.  A cute, fun post from Tami Clayton. If you need a smile today, stop by this post.

Clocks that Melt:  Since I used a graphic of a melting clock, here’s a look at the original by Alarm Clock Blog.  Highlights Salvador Dali’s surreal paintings and sculptures that feature melting clocks.

Catzilla:  If you remember any of the old Japanese monster movies like Godzilla and Mothra, here’s a take off of them with cats:

I don’t plan much when I travel anywhere, beyond booking the important stuff like hotels and plane tickets.  I just go with the flow of what I find, because sometimes I discover great adventures along the way.  What’s your travel personality?  Do you plan everything out or wait until you get there?

3 thoughts on “Sightseeing Tour: Melting Clocks Meet Catzilla

  1. That video is what it sounds like in the hall outside my bedroom door at about 4am, when the critters have decided it’s time for breakfast. The husband won’t let them sleep in our room, and they make us PAY!


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