How to Keep Me Away From Your Blog

I’ve been to two Blogger sites in the last week where the owner had enabled Capchas.  If the name isn’t familiar, it’s those weird letter things that pop up to help screen out spammers.  The text is often extremely distorted, because computers used for spamming can’t read it.

I’ve found it’s hard for me to read it, too.  Especially when letters like m and n run together.  I have to go through at least three or four rounds of capchas to post a comment.  That’s enough to make me go away and not bother, which means fewer comments for the blogger.  Lately, after a capcha rejection, I’ve been adding the following to my comment: “Is the spam that bad that these capchas are required?”  It is that annoying!

What annoys you about common things bloggers do?

8 thoughts on “How to Keep Me Away From Your Blog

  1. Prue

    Did you let the blogger know how you felt?

    If it was me, I’d like to know. Then I’d have the choice of changing it or not.

    And I may have capchas enabled but would I know?
    There’s only so much time in the day and finding my way round any behind-the-scenes stuff on a computer takes me ages.

    At the moment I’m trying to get to the bottom of large coloured transparent bubbles floating round my desktop. It didn’t happen earlier today.
    Suspect virus. Running scan. Ugh!


  2. Prue

    Sorry — I realise you put an addendum on your comment.
    I think it’s not only my computer that has a virus 😀


  3. I dislike capchas, too. Like you, I require several tries before I can get them right.

    I don’t experience this very often, but I hate hate HATE playlist widgets on some blogs that start belting out music as soon as you get to the site. I close that tab in a hurry. I pick the music I want to listen to, thanks, and I don’t want your country/heavy metal/current pop/whatever interfering with my Pandora station.


  4. I totally agree about captchas. A word: if you’re using Blogger, check frequently to make sure the captchas haven’t been turned back on. LIttle gremlins will do that without your knowing it.

    I also agree about music. Don’t do that, it’s annoying. 🙂 And I also don’t like blogs with a dark background and white text. Too, too hard to read.


  5. I agree about the Captchas — honestly, I have a really difficult time commenting on Blogger/Blogspot blogs at all because OpenID doesn’t work correctly. After I hit “publish” or “submit” three times and it doesn’t work, I give up. Same thing with the Captchas — if I get it wrong more than once or twice, I get frustrated.

    The best sites to comment on (outside of WordPress) tend to be the ones with the little form for name, email, website, etc. — those work every time and I always feel relieved when I see them. Also the ones that recognize Gravatar users immediately.


  6. I didn’t know they had a name–but they are real annoying.

    I have a Blogger account but the only info I can find on it is that when Google is experiencing a lot of spam, they can put the Captcha on at their discretion. There is no place on my site to turn it on or off.


  7. AND Just as a note depending on the type of captcha in use, they can be inaccessible to people who are blind or visually impaired and use screen-reading software. Meaning that people like me cannot submit a comment at all. The purely visual ones just plain don’t work, and if you’ve ever tried the audio, it can take several attempts.


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