Sightseeing Tour: Driftwood Washed Ashore

Here’s a few links I’ve run across in my internet sightseeing that I wanted to share:

Sometimes there are unexpected finds in research.  I was searching on driftwood for photos, and I found Zuza Fun’s blog on Driftwood Horse sculptures.  What impressed me the most was the personality Heather Hansch got out of the driftwood.  I wish I could see these in person!

Eccentric Roadside:  Gunnar and Sherry travel around the country and share us photos of unique Americana, like this street sign.

Right-Brain/Left Brain Infographic.  Sometimes pictures say more than words.  Online College breaks down the traits for each type.  Nice tips under the advice for each section.

Finally a mashup of Star Wars to the MacGyver theme.  The author of this did a great job matching up Star Wars images to give it a MacGyver feel.  I always liked MacGyver because he appealed the creative part of me.  He didn’t plan things out; he just picked things up along the way and made do with what he had.

The internet has given us great opportunities to look in other places and times, learn new things, and even connect across countries.  What has the internet given you that’s changed your life?