Adventures on the Prairie

My allergy doctor has a pretty good selection of magazines.  There are usually recent issues in the office.  But, unfortunately, the magazines seem to be ad-fests.  Little actual content, so it doesn’t take long to flip through one.  I was left scrounging for something else to read and nearly twenty minutes to wait.  And then I spotted a couple of books on the shelf.  Little House on the Prairie.  It was for the kids getting their shots, but sure, why not?

I wasn’t sure what to expect though.  I hadn’t read the books since I was child.  When I revisited Nancy Drew a few years ago, I was so disappointed.  The writing was awful.  The books just didn’t live up to my memory of them!

And Little House carried extra weight.  The Melissa Gilbert TV show aired every week, so every little girl like me grew up right with her.  One of the most amazing things to me was in the final years of the show when they showed Laura at eight and then her as an adult, and it made me realize how much things can change and stay the same.

Little House and prairies were often also the subjects of play.  My best friend at the time had moved from Missouri to Southern California, and life on the prairie reminded her of home.  She always wanted to have a more simpler life .. somehow, even at eight, she was overwhelmed by modern technology, and Little House was an escape for that.  For me, I liked Little House because it was about girls having adventures.  Sometimes the adventures were a little scary, but not so scary that it took away the fun of the adventures.

So what happened when I picked up that book today?  I found myself once again engaged in the story of a little girl from the 1800s who crossed the prairie.  Good stories are timeless.

When you were a child, did you read Little House on the Prairie?  What were your memories of it?  What made the books special for you?

6 thoughts on “Adventures on the Prairie

  1. Watching all the reruns of Little House on the Prairie with small kids is one of my very favorite things to do! Not much else wholesome on the tube.

    I don’t have the Prairie books in my collection, but children who visit do devour the Hardy boys and Nancy Drew. Some of which date back to my Mother’s time. I love how the kids are so careful with those really, really old books. LOL


    1. Don’t know if you’re aware of it, but the Nancy Drew’s that are put out today are not the same as the books published when we were growing up, or even when our parents were growing. There was a book published on the series a few years back, and it noted that the publisher updates the series.


  2. I watched a lot of Little House, but never had the books. I did a lot of drooling over Michael Langdon though. Nancy Drew books were sheer excitement for me as a kid. Perhaps I better not crack open one at this age and spoil the magic!


  3. livrancourt

    I loved the Little House books. Not so much the TV show, but I read and re-read the books many times when I was a kid. In fact, more recently (like in the last 10 years) I read Little House In The Big Woods to my kids, and was just as fascinated. I think I learned more about the American West from Laura Ingalls Wilder than from any class I took in school.
    Thanks for the post.


    1. That’s one of the reasons I never liked history class. It was always about learning dates and events, and the stories would have made it sooo much more interesting!


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