B is for Beginning

Spring is here in Washington, DC.  It’s a very different time of the year than it was in Los Angeles, where I grew up.  The announcement of cherry blossom bud sitings brings in spring.  They bloom first, along with the dogwoods, and it’s like a switch has been turned on.  Everything starts to wake up. In just a few weeks, the entire area goes from completely barren and dead-looking to full of life.

The beginning of my story has been blooming like that.  Sometimes I wish I was finally done with this book — I have worked on it for so long and struggling through so many problems that I just want it done.  But it’s like spring, it’s started to bloom and become more than it is.

QUESTION FOR YOU:  Does your writing habits change when the weather changes?  Do you bloom, or do you just keep plugging away?

4 thoughts on “B is for Beginning

  1. Feels like summer out here in St. Louis. 90 degrees yesterday and today.

    But yeah, I’m more outdoors this time of year, so my writing slows down. But my reading goes up!


  2. My writing is like a constant plugging away. The rare occasion it comes quickly and easily always makes me feel like I have to keep practicing, hoping someday it will all come easier. A girl can dream can’t she?


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