Which is Better — Cats or Dogs?

At my critique group this last week, we got in a discussion about cats and dogs.

One member had cats and thought cats were better.

Another member had dogs and thought dogs were better.

I grew up with both.  We had a total of four dogs and four cats.

We’ll start with dogs.  They’re lovable doofuses.  They get into all kinds of trouble because they don’t think.  Their memories are both short and long.  They’re remember what time dinner is, but completely forget it’s a bad idea to run off down the street.  Running down the street was always what scared us the most, because it was Los Angeles, and I don’t think I went a day without seeing a dog or cat dead in the street.  Two of our dogs would out, and it was like, “Time to party!”  They didn’t have a brain between them, so when they went out roaming, they followed each other.  They were like a couple of drunks, who didn’t know where they were going.  Of course, we’d catch them eventually and yell at them.  They’d look guilty, and then a few weeks later, they were out partying again.  They were very lucky dogs because both survived to old age.  One was over 20!

Cats are royalty.  Or at least, that’s the way they act, particularly the Siamese we had.  Our cats were surprisingly well-mannered.  I’ve been amazed at photos on LOL Cats of cats shredding toilet paper.  None of ours did, though the Siamese could be vindictive.  After we got Dog #4, the cat let us know he was displeased with our decision: He turned the computer paper box into a litter box.  There was no doubt in ours minds he knew exactly what he was doing.  He was the worst when it came to food.  Because of the dogs, we had to put his food on a cat tree, unfortunately placed near the kitchen.  This cat would get up on the shelf and check his can of cat food. If it was empty — Whack!  He knocked it off the shelf and to the floor, where the dogs went for it.  Then he’d meow at anyone who passed by.  Since we were trying to diet him, we ignored the meows.  So he’d take to swatting people, claws extended.  He later died from hardening of the arteries.  According to my father, the dogs knew something was wrong and allowed the cat to sleep in one of the dog beds, where he died during the night.

Which is better?  No contest.  When we had to let both cats and dogs go to old age, it didn’t make it any easier.

Do you have any favorite cat or dog stories to share? Which are better?

11 thoughts on “Which is Better — Cats or Dogs?

  1. Oh, I love them both too. I’ve had both growing up and have tons of stories about each. They all have their own little personalities and quirks – much like kids!
    Presently, I have two kitties and a puppy. The cats are not please with our decision to have the puppy, and the puppy seems to think he should herd the kitties around. Makes for an interesting day, at least. 😉


  2. Sigh…yes, we’re a mixed family, too. One cat versus three small dogs. The cat rules…well, most of the time. I love them all and while I can pinpoint areas where I like one better than the other, overall I don’t think I could choose.


  3. I love them both, but cats are by far easier to potty train! I am infatuated with our kitten and puppy, and I think if I had to choose sides on the cat versus dog debate, I would come down on the cat side simply because they’re usually quieter. When our puppy goes on a barking/whining harangue, I get pretty twitchy.

    I do love those puppy cuddles though. 🙂


    1. Yesterday, I heard on the news — not sure how accurate it is — that dogs are smarter. The reason was given that cats are too independent and anitsocial so their brains don’t grow much. But I’ve seen cats do things that dogs would never figure out!


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