C is for Cruise

This year, I decided to reward all the hard work I did on my novel with a trip to Las Vegas.  I solved several long-standing problems, so it was a huge win and deserved something important.   But it was also the first real vacation I’ve done in some time, and I need to do it more often to take care of me.  Too many people work and work and work and never get away from it.

So I was sitting in the travel office at work the other day, talking with the travel agent, and I mentioned that I was looking for a new vacation destination.

“Try a cruise,” he promptly said.  “I’ve been on ten.”

My only experience with cruise ships was taking the Catalina Flyer when I was in Girl Scouts and getting so seasick that all I could do was sit on the stairs and try not to move.   I’d sure hate to spend more than $1,000 and spend all of it seasick!

QUESTION FOR YOU:  Have you been on a cruise?  Tell me what it is was like.  Where did you go?  What would you recommend?  And the big question: Did you have problems with seasickness?

6 thoughts on “C is for Cruise

  1. Hmmmm. Cruise. Hmmmm. Yes, great idea. I’ll speak to my husband. We have been on several and have loved each ones. The ships are so big that you rarely feel any motion at all. We have been to the Caribbean several times and down the Mesican coast on the west side. We preferred the Caribbean. We have an Alaska cruise and a Mediterranean cruise on our bucket list, though they might not happen for a while. And, NO seasickness on any trip. If you are worried, you can get a patch at the drug store.


    1. The first thing I thought was The Love Boat. Every week, they made the cruise from California down to Mexico, except for the special 2 hour cruises, which went to other exotic places.


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