K is for Kiwi Fruit, Kumquats, and Surfers

I’m borrowing a technique that we used when I was in Toastmasters.  We’d do Table Topics at every meeting, which is an impromptu speech. We’re given the topic and have only the time to walk to the lectern to come up with a 2 minute speech.  Sometimes we’d get a topic that was so completely wrong for us was that the only choice was to shift it to another topic.  For the A to Z Challenge, K was simply a tough word to come with words for that felt like they were worth writing about.

Kinesthetic was my first choice.  That’s a hands-on learning style that a very small percentage of the population has.  Of course, I’m part of that percentage, which sometimes wrecks havoc with writing and learning things about writing.  But when I thought about what kind of questions I could come up with to ask, I couldn’t see how anyone would find it an interesting topic to comment on.

Knowledge was my second choice, and I was thinking I could do something on researching a novel.  Not how to, because I’m personally sick of how-tos.  Everyone does them, and often doesn’t say anything new.  But maybe something on being right-brained and struggling through research.  But there’s an awful lot of writers participating to the A to Z challenge, and this is probably going to be the default K word for most of them.  There’s a big crowd and I want to stand out.

Now that I’ve finished not talking about Kiwi Fruit and Kumquats … I’ve been reading a magazine called Transworld Surf.  The magazine has striking photos of surfers challenging the waves.  Most of the advertising is for boardshorts, which are knee-length, loose fitting shorts.   And then it hit me as I’m looking through this magazine.  Almost no women, except for one photo of a woman in a bikini, voted Miss January.  Don’t women surf, too?  Sometimes reading provides interesting questions.

QUESTION FOR YOU:  What are you reading?  What questions has it made you ask?

One thought on “K is for Kiwi Fruit, Kumquats, and Surfers

  1. Gloria Richard Author April 13, 2012 / 7:53 am

    Clever, Linda! Loved the way you segued from K to surfers.

    Me? Reading? For the most part, lectures over at Lawson Writer’s Academy. But, I do have my ahem library reads. I find many opportunities to piddle/fart research odd topics between the covers of Reader’s Digest and a several phrase derivation books I keep in there.


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