Action Scenes with Women Characters: We’re Not Men!

Woman soldier armed with rifle in one hand prepares to throw a grenade with the other.  Hoo-Ah!As a reader, I’m almost always never happy when I read action scenes with women characters.  Male writers default the action to the male characters, or they make the women like men.  Women writers either make the women into victims or give them super strength and healing, ruining the suspense.

One of the workshops I attended at Ravencon was “Writing Action Scenes.”  The panel consisted of three men — what, no women writing action?  I asked what had been a popular question at Alan Baxter’s webinar last year: “How do you write action scenes for women?”  The guys all got queasy and uncomfortable and started talking about not wanting …  Read more of my post over at Unleaded: Fuel for Writers.

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