The NCIS Guide to Structure for Pantsers

When I moved out of the military barracks, I was introduced to an unexpected horror: Solo cooking.  The guidance was framed from the perspective of family cooking, and implication was, “Get a family.”  Every recipe was made for a family, not an individual. That’s the way it seems for pantsers when it comes to structure.  There are many resources that weave it in with outlining, the implication being, “Do an outline.”  And if you’re like me, you probably can’t.

But a TV series like NCIS is a rich source of structure examples.  In a book, structure can disappear into the story, but in a TV show, the commercial breaks highlight it.  Read more on Unleaded Fuel For Writers.

DVD Cover for Season 9 of NCIS, showing Gibbs in foreground and rest of cast in the background.