Top Ten Posts for June 2012

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  1. Awesome Scrivener Hacks for Pantsers
  2. Moleskine Hacks for Fiction Writers
  3. Triberr Review: Useful Tool or Shiny Toy?
  4. 5 Links on Time Management for Fiction Writers
  5. Writing With the Jellyfish
  6. Is There A Strong Woman Character, or Are We Being Fooled?
  7. Why Don’t Writers Blogs Work?
  8. 5 Advantages to Using Omniscient Viewpoint (and 1 Reason Not to Use It)
  9. What Writing Blogs Do You Subscribe To?
  10. Describing Clothes in a Novel

On the submission front: My article “Managing Writing and Blogging” was accepted by Vision: A Resource for Writers!

For you: What topics would you like to see more on?

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