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Women scientist kneels next to group of stones, pick raised.My flash fiction story “Stone Magic” is posted on Writer Unboxed’s 7 Sizzling Sundays of Flash Fiction.  This time I wanted to do a contemporary fantasy.  I had just read Writer’s Workout (a good book, BTW), and it said to plan for 10 drafts.  That seemed like a lot, but this story of only 247 words took 7 drafts.

The first 5 were the result of two elements coming into the story in the first draft.  I picked one, and it sent me in the wrong direction. No surprise there!  My family and friends know how easy it is for me to go in the wrong direction.  Seems to be a natural state of being me.

On draft 5, I still wasn’t happy enough with the storySwamp monster holds up sign that says "Lochness That Way" with arrow pointing to left., so I let it sit a day.  It hit me today what to do, and I gutted the story (except for two sentences) and story turned into magic.  The last draft was nibbling at the word count to make it fit within the guidelines.

Please drop by and check it out and don’t forget to vote for it!

Can you guess where the story is set?

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