Ray Bradbury on Writing and Rejection

Sometimes the most discouraging thing about writing is getting a story rejected — especially when we know it’s good. Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, who died earlier this year, talks about perseverance and rejection:

3 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury on Writing and Rejection

  1. Mr. Bradbury was such an inspiration to all us writers. He was local to my area and was active on the writer’s conference circuit for many years. His wisdom will be with us for many years.


      1. Unfortunately, I did not. Since he was everywhere, I figured that I would have ample opportunities to see him. Then he passed. I meet in the Ray Bradbury room with GLAWS once a month and every time I see his name I feel regret. I have only myself to blame. All the writers who had the chance to meet him at conventions or at writing seminars speak very highly of him.


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