Portrayal of Women in Fiction

As readers of Unleaded know, I’d like to see women portrayed better in fiction.  There are a lot of books available with women characters, but as Davonne Burns @brohne noted:

@LindaAdamsVA thanks ^^ I think my prob is, I don’t read anything with fem protags, tend to find them rather annoying.

Frankly, I agree.  I’m still cringing from a thriller I read when the female protagonist was being pursued by armed bad guys in a museum.  Male sidekick suggests hiding in the women’s restroom.  With bad guy looking for them, what inspiring thing does she do?  She screeches non-stop at him for being in the bathroom.  That book was was written by a woman.  Read the rest on Unleaded – Fuel for Writers.

5 thoughts on “Portrayal of Women in Fiction

    1. I heard there was a workshop at GeekGirl Con done by a traditionally published male science fiction writer (sorry, I don’t remember the name) on what the guys get wrong. I thought it would be interesting to hear his perspective. Discussion by everyone helps change.


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