A Soldier’s Magic Accepted!

My short story, “A Soldier’s Magic” has been accepted by Mosaic Indigo Publishing!  It will be appearing in an anthology called “The Darkness Within,” which is due out in September.  The story is about two female soldiers who have to make the difficult decision to kill a friend to keep a parasite from infecting the military world-wide.

One of the inspirations for the story came from a Vietnam veteran I saw regularly at the community center at Fort Lewis, Washington.  He’d been medically retired, apparently for post traumatic stress syndrome.  He’d come into the community center, sit down, and hallucinate, going back in time to a battle he’d experienced.  So in my story, that Vietnam veteran turned into the friend who has been taken over by the parasite.

The cover to the anthology is not yet available, but I’ll post it and more information as soon as I have it.

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