Ghostly Encounters of the Adams Kind

My uncle asked if we wanted a psychic at my grandmother’s memorial.  Apparently, there’s been an increase in paranormal activity in the house from one of the original occupants since my grandmother died.   My response?  “That’s a cool idea!”

Trust me — only an Adams would think of inviting a psychic at a memorial service.

A massive Queen Anne house with a single tower on the left and a stone porch that wraps around the front like a apron.
Seriously, does this look like a haunted house?

My only experience with a psychic was the con artist variety.  A friend who was in complete denial about a relationship she was in — married man who told her he was NOT going to leave his wife but still happy to have the affair — visited one and dragged me along.  The psychic so did not like me — I must have been radiating distrust vibes on her.  I knew my friend was being conned with the promises of getting “the house and white picket fence” by buying expensive candles and putting an egg in a sock.  She spent the money, still didn’t get the guy.

But the one coming to the service will be able to sense ghosties (yes, she is being vetted so we don’t get someone like the one above).  Most of my experience with ghosts is Scooby-Doo, but also I used to steal my mother’s Fate Magazine and read about spiritual encounters.  Those were always nice stories, the kind that are heartwarming or sad — no zombies wanting to snack rising from the graves.

But it’s different when you realize that the ghost is a relative.  The ghost is possibly my great-great grandmother, who lived in the house.  My grandmother also reported that she felt the presence of my great-great grandfather.  Nothing scary.  She described it as getting a sense that he was pleased the family still owned the house.

What the house is getting is an “intelligent  haunting.”  I didn’t know there were different types, so I had to look up what it meant.  It’s a ghost that wants to be noticed.  Angels & Ghosts says:

The disembodied person has elected for some reason to stay or maybe just visit the physical world, due to a connection with a person, place or thing.

The place is probably the house, since the family built it and is still living in it 125 years later.  When I was growing up and saw pictures of the house, I always thought it looked like it should be haunted, complete with the required thunderstorm above.

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter?  If someone said they were getting a psychic would you come see it or stay away?

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