Step into my time machine

This week, I’ve got a trip into the adventure zone, because any travel is an adventure.  I went to Wisconsin for the weekend for my grandmother’s memorial, and anything that involves Wisconsin involves The House:

A three story Queen Anne style house.  A stone base wraps around the front of the house, and to the left is a tower.

I stayed in the room where those center windows on the second floor are.  The house was built by my great-great grandfather Havilah Babcock, and he picked everything — right down to the wallpaper.  His influence over everything in the house was so strong that his daughters who inherited it were afraid to touch anything!  Of course, that left it preserved so much that it’s like stepping back in time.  Ivy was trying to take over the back of the house, and spiders were working on the front porch.  And there’s nothing like having your uncle say, “If you don’t want a bat in your room, make sure you close the door.”

Of course, I had to snoop around the internet and see what else on the house was out there.  I found this blog about a woman’s journey to visit all the historical markets in Wisconsin.  She took almost exactly the same picture about a month before.   The roof is in the process of being replaced, so if you click on the photo in her blog post, you can see the repair work on the right side that’s not evident in mine.  Do drop by her blog — she’s undergoing chemo therapy and would like some comments!

Linda Adams – Soldier, Storyteller

Since I visited the family home, I thought I’d share with you a scene I wrote about a soldier’s Homecoming, posted on Forward Motion’s September Challenge.  We imagine they always come back to cheering crowds and tearful family members, but sometimes that’s not the case.

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