This, That, and Zap! 9/21

This week we got a horrendous downpour — so bad that I had a scary moment on the freeway when I went through a puddle and water planed.  The concrete barrier was one lane away, but it looked entirely too close!  And the next day?  Like the storm never happened!

But that’s Washington, DC.  I’m going to close up with week with a few tidbits that crossed my path this week.

THIS is Anne of Green Gables.  I’m afraid I’m not much for classics — not enough action for this action girl.  But I’ve been trying to be better, so I started reading Anne of Green Gables on my return from Wisconsin.  It turns out it’s a fairly enjoyable and fun book, and it’s in omniscient viewpoint.  If you want to study the viewpoint, this book would be worth a look.

THAT is Heroes and Villains from Writer Unboxed.  It brings up a point that I hadn’t thought about it but is most definitely true: A villain needs to be a leader.  Now if only villains would be easier to spell!

ZAP! is a video called “Dangerous Garden Path of the Day.”  Toy soldiers engage in battle with deadly vegetables — but no carrot men!  Some profanity and toy violence, so it may not be safe for work.

What book has caught your eye this week?

Linda Adams – Soldier, Storyteller

Since I have an action link above, also check out my flash fiction Stone Magic on Writer Unboxed, weighing it at 250 words.  If you don’t guess what the setting is, it’s Washington, DC.