Writer’s Block is not a Figment of Your Imagination

It seems like every time the subject of writer’s block comes up, twenty million writers jump in to proclaim, “It doesn’t exist!” and accuse anyone who struggles with it of being lazy or whining.  So if you  have writer’s block, you’re now wishing you could hide somewhere and maybe thinking it’s best not to even bother asking for help.

Honestly, that’s just plain wrong for one group of writers to make another group of writers feel.  What is it with writers and this black and white stuff anyway?  Creativity is not even shades of gray — it’s shades of colors and patterns.  There is no one way something should be.

So let’s get the preliminary stuff out of the way: writer’s block does exist.  Just because an individual person hasn’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  That’s like saying puppies and kittens don’t exist because you don’t have one.

How do I know it exists?  I’ve had it.  Read the rest over at Unleaded — Fuel for Writers.

Linda Adams, Soldier, Storyteller

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